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Mobile Climbing Wall Team Building

Mobile Climbing Wall Team Building

All the fun and challenge of rock climbing, rappelling, and team work can be brought to your location and set up for climbing in as little as fifteen minutes. The climbing walls are suitable for all ages and abilities. We have had children as young as 3 years old and adults as old as 75 make it to the top!

This is the same wall that the has been seen at shopping centre promotions and that the MTN Gladiators have climbed on. An automatic belay station that positions itself to any route allows a climber to safely climb on their own as much as they desire. Up to four climbers can climb at a time. At the top of each route is an electronic plunger button that will momentary activate an electronic buzzer, rewarding the climbers efforts on reaching the top. Our 12.5metre high climbing wall complete with all the safety equipment required is mobile and can be set up within minutes. Facilitated by expert climbers who will suit you up for a vertigo overpowering experience.

Add a climbing wall to your next event and make it a true adventure! Birthday parties are always a favourite for the kids and mark a memorable event, long remembered by your son or daughter. Their friends will be envious and the neighbours amazed. Although kids never want to get off, the adults love it as well. Our wall will accommodate 4 climbers at a time with a choice of 9 routes. Routes are designed from easy (for your young kitchen cabinet climbers!) to a challenging stretch for an adult. Choose the route to suit your ability. Hand holds range in size, shape, and color to vary the ease or difficulty of the routes.

Average group 20 to 40
Ideal as part of a combo event.

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