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Hovercraft Team Building

Hovercraft Team Building

Come and 'Fly Without Wings' in our Flight Commander Hovercraft.
We are the only operators of Hovercraft for teambuilding in Africa.

We run four Flight Commander Mk2 two-seater hovercraft and only operate them at selected venues, so chat with us before you book!

We manufacture our Hovercraft in Pinetown and they are based ona Zodiac chassis, which means if you do bump into anything you bounce off!

Once we show the controls to you we will let you feel your way round a course and if you get really proficient we'll let you race.

Those who have ridden motorbikes, jet skis or similar do have a slight advantage, but everyone gets the idea afer a few minutes.

We then set up pairs of gates and send you out in pairs against the clock - miss a gate and you are bottom of the log.

It's a great new experience for everyone and it is the safest of all motorised sports.

Find the video and imagine you as the pilot!