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About us


Owner Operators bringing you the very best products at the most attractive prices, presented with absolute professionalism.

Our Mission – To be your preferred supplier of corporate entertainment and teambuilding.


The Serious Fun Factory comprises eight partners with over 100 activities; we own nine Brand Names of Internationally successful products that we import, distribute and are the main operators within Southern Africa. Other teambuilders have purchased some of these from us, but we are the only operator of all nine.

We own all the product we offer, we do not sub-contract or outsource and this ensures the very best value is for the end-user as we eliminate multilevel commissions.

Because we own all we present, there is a high level of enthusiasm and professionalism in our running of the events - the partners are  all expereinced facilitators and have invested considerable money, time and expertise to ensure our products are shown in the best possible light.

Team Motivation – Specialising in tailor made team performance building programs since 1995 through formal and informal professionally facilitated activities and discussions and continuously upgrading for the client’s benefits. We prefer to meet with prospective Clients and learn more about what they are expecting from the event, understand their desired outcomes and work with them to bring to them a programme that will exceed their expectations. This is one of the most successful areas of our business - we actually listen. Ask 100 people their definition of "TEAMBUILDING" and you will get 99 different answers - we like to make sure we are on our Client's version.

From FUN to semi-formal and right through to formal, we have the tools, the faciltation experience, and the personalities to make your event a winner.

Corporate Fun Days – .With our own products we are able to stage a family Fun  Day for up to 5000 and provide varied entertainment and experiences to suit all tastes, all with our own products. Whenever more than one product is used there are discounts available on the next products, so while we have rack rates these can be heavily discounted for medium to large groups.



 ...more to come!