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Amazing Chase Team Building

Eight partners with over 120 different activities with over 75 years combined experience in the Service Industries and over R8.5 million invested in the 'tools of our trade'. Fun team building companies in Johannesburg and Muldersdrift with LaserSports, Hovercrafts, Drumming, Pulse Ranger, Giant Foosball, Mechanic Bulls, Lego, Archery, Scooters, photos and videos, Green Screen Movie Making, Amazing Race, Minute to Win It, Survivor, America's got Talent and many more.


New - Escape Room


Archery Team Building

Think of your team as having the skills to hit the target ?

Well now you have your chance to prove your a modern day Robin Hood - can you split your perfect bullseye arrow ?


Group sizes : 15 to 40
For larger groups or combos of events please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ask about our "hit the target" program

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Boogie - Bodies

Boogie Bodies Team Building

Boogie Bodies is the newest sensation and is a great video entertainment system that will keep your guests and customers
of all ages overly entertained and satisfied with laugh out loud fun.

Boogie bodies uses state of the art Chroma Key (green or blue screen) equipment to superimpose your larger than life head onto a professional Boogie Body dancer, giving the impression that you are an accomplished dancer for a variety of songs, each animated with their own background. There is a menu of some of today's most popular songs and yesterday's oldies to choose from accomodating one to four people at a time.

Monitors placed around the set up or even a large projected image will keep viewers delighted by watching your friends, family and strangers become singing and dancing stars.

Boogie bodies customers don't leave empty handed either. Once the song is completed, the guest receives a DVD of their Boogie Body performance to replay at home.

Boogie bodies offers fun for the whole family and can stir up any event, function or party. Its fun filled entertainment for everyone! We guarntee a non-stop laughter!

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Amazing Chase

Amazing Chase Team Building

Equipped with map, compass and / or GPS’s, teams of between 4 & 8 delegates find their way to various tasks.

Together with halt cards, time bonus’s, penalties and fast track options it’s any team’s strategy based game.

Either on foot or by vehicle this activity is tailored to suit all fitness levels

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20-08 Soccer Challenge

Soccer Challenge Team Building

Fun for both men & woman who get a kick out of life.

An inflatable tunnel is used, with targets placed at the end of the tunnel. Participants have
to try and ick a soccer ball through the targets placed.

Giant Foosbal

All the fun and challenge of the popular table game foosball has now been made into lifesize, inflatable, fun activity. Lots of fun to play and watch, this game is great exercise, requires minimal skill to have fun and is great for corporate events and team-building exercises.

Ten participants (five per side) enter the arena. Each participant puts on a waist harness and is connected to a rope to allow left to right movement only which replicates the foosball table game controls. The game is played in an identical fashion to it's diminutive cousin, with team work being paramount in order to score a goal against the opposition. This is a great game for those participating as well as spectators.

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