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Team Building Johannesburg Best of 2014

Team building is ultimately about fun-fun-and-fun. Team building don't have to be expensive to be lasting. Choose between many team building activities like Pulse Ranger, Hovercraft, Laser Sport, Boeresport, Corporate Fun Days, Amazing Race, Survivor, Minute to Win It, Mobile Abseiling, Wild Scooter Chases, Scooter-X, Drumming Team Building and many more.

Muldersdrift Potjiekos and Zulu Dancing

Potjiekos, Boeresport and Zulu Dancing

Teams have to cook their own potjiekos with beef, chicken or lamb (halal). During the wait, teams are challenged with traditional games like bokdrolspoeg, hangballas, sack race, five legged races etc. The event is video graphed and shown at the end - laughter guaranteed.

Family Sports Day

Family Sports Day Team Building (±3 hours)

Families join forces in less-physical activities. Activities include Ice Breakers, Giant Soccer Balls, Volley Ball, Bharti (Dodge Ball), Sack Race, Five legged Race, Cross the River on a Magic Carpet, Hula Hoop Race, Plank Race etc. After each event, the winning team would win a ticket. The team with the most tickets, win a DVD of the day's events. That DVD is shown immediately after the event.

Drumming Team Building

Drumming Team Building (±45 minutes)

The event is video graphed. Individual teams learn and compete for the ultimate rhythm, finally all the teams would drum in sync. Eventually one person in the circle would start a beat, and the rest would follow with their own rhythms. the outcome is mesmerizing.


Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It Team Building (±2 hours)

Minute to Win It is an award winning TV show where contestants are faced with 59 second challenges using household goods. In our game, everybody is involved and may require a bit more than a minute for certain activities. Activities include balancing ten nail on one, hula-hoop down, singing random songs, quiz, pulling faces etc. The event is video graphed and shown at the end.

Corporate Fun day

Corporate Fun Day Team Building (±3 hours)

Employees are treated at random groups and spoiled with foot messages, braais, music, soccer with a giant ball, Laser Sport (Clay Pigeon Shooting), Bush Golf, Kung Fu Yoga, Gumboot Dancing etc. The event is video graphed and the DVD can be shown at the end of the day.

Gumboot Dancing

Gumboot Dancing Team Building (±45 minutes)

Gumboot dancing is recommended to go with drumming. This is a powerful group event to learn traditional gumboot dancing. The individual teams would go their way and compete. The show finishes where the entire group perform in front of a video camera.

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Team Building (±1½ hours)

The Amazing is a popular TV series with many obstacles and detours, similar is this event vide graphed and edited with the Amazing Race theme. Teams get a number of Amazing race cards that they must go and hide. Then they have to draw a map that indicate where these hidden Amazing Raced are. Teams are then challenged to look for these cards, and if they are clueless, they must perform a detour for a clue. Each clue has a direction, a distance and landmark. The video is shown after the event.

Fashion Show

80's d'Paree Fashion Show Team Building

This event is a fun 80's fashion show and is ideal for having it during the evening. Tables go prop for table for dresses, jackets, jewellery, glasses etc - delegates must dress like a models. Tables must parade and sell their garments. Each table with have a designated makeup artist, fashion designer, choreographer and presenter. Only music from the 80's is used. The event is video graphed and shown at the end of the show.

Green Screen Movie Making

Green Screen Movie making Team Building (±45 minutes)

Delegates do silly things in front of a green screen without knowing why. The footage is then superimposed in the Amazing Race, Survivor and America's got Talent etc. We have many themes available. The video is shown at the closing of the team building.


Tribal Survivor Team Building (±1½ hours)

Survivor is a popular TV series, similar is this event video graphed and edited with images of the TV series. The event start with War-Cries. Teams would then set camp with a roof, fireplace and toilet. The next scene is "after 30" days when contestants look rugged - they are given make-up. Gossip, strategies and plans are video graphed with the Survivor Theme - hilarious! Then the teams are challenges with obstacles to win the immunity idol during Tribal Counsel. The video is shown after the event.

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Team Building (±2 hours)

Murder Mystery is usually presented during dinner, but it can be done anytime. Delegates are assigned with characters and have to dress accordingly at the prop table - dresses, jackets, glasses, makeup, jewellery etc. The game if full of riddles to reveal the murderer at each table. The event is video graphed and shown at the end of the show.